Teräsjänne Long Range

Meet the ultimate accuracy up to 1000 m.


Barnard Precision actions offer rem 700 footprint actions in very tight tolerances and some nice features

  • 3-lug fat-bolt design eliminates all play between receiver and bolt and gives sophisticated 60-degree turn
  • Completely round action stays true and straight through heat treatment
  • Scope rail is fixed with five screws, optionally direct ring mount can be fixed
  • Diopter mounting place in the side of the receiver
  • Screw-mounted trigger hanger system makes maintenance easier and gives wider selection of triggers
  • Number one choice for extremely heavy barrels, up to 1 1/8″ x 31″

Tikka T3x

Well-proven Finnish rifle action makes a reasonably priced basis for a custom rifle.

  • Rigid two-lug design
  • single-stage trigger. Can be trimmed as light as 200 g.
  • Lightweight
  • Custom-fitted for either AI steel mags or Magpul polymer magazines
  • With rigid custom rail can handle semi-heavy barrels, up to tapered 750 mm


  • Bartlein
  • Krieger
  • Peurala

Builds & Results